Increased Data Sources

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Rochester RHIO and its partners are building rich data sources that create an even more robust, community-informed patient health record. When healthcare and community-based organizations (CBOs) connect with RHIO to share secure electronic data, patients benefit from harmonized communication and reduced workflow inefficiencies. 

As the number of data sources grows, providers gain a more complete picture of a patient’s health, including recent hospitalizations, laboratory tests and imaging, medications administered, etc. The result is a more comprehensive patient health record that enables the highest quality patient care.

Over the past year, RHIO has added substantial new data partners, representing hundreds of health care organizations and CBOs. RHIO data sources include:

  • Hospitals
  • Radiology & labs
  • Public health records
  • Statewide alerting
  • Long-term post-acute care
  • Rural providers
  • Corrections
  • Behavioral & mental health
  • Outpatient / ambulatory care
  • Home health

By continuing to add data sources, RHIO is able to build a more complete medical record for communities and individuals in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region, enabling optimal coordinated care.

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