Finger Lakes Health Data Conference

Announcing the Finger Lakes Health Data Conference! 

Topics are timely and relevant including a panel lead by Common Ground Health on "Understanding Race and Ethnity in Health Data" and "Enforcement of Info Blocking Rules is Coming: Are You Ready?"

Who should attend? Leaders and anyone who makes decisions using health data. Click the "Register Today" button to view the speaker lineup, schedule, and to learn more.

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Better information for better patient care

Rochester RHIO delivers accurate, up-to-date clinical information to all the health care professionals who need it to provide you with the best possible care in 14 counties.

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Explore+ Launches 

Explore+ is your patient information connection. Rochester RHIO switches over to a new patient search engine: Explore+. 

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COVID-19 Resources

The latest announcements from Rochester RHIO, as well as list of community resources to support you during this time.

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Faster treatment

Emergency department doctors and nurses can access medical history, test results, and diagnostic images.

Fewer repeated tests

Health care providers can quickly review prior test results, even those performed at other locations.

Better care coordination

Your specialists can instantly see the diagnostic information they need, and your primary care physician will have easy access to specialist and/or hospital reports.

Reduced risk of mistakes

Eliminates poor handwriting, hard-to-read faxes, and other challenges of paper-based information.

Alert your doctor

Your primary care physician or home health provider can receive instant notification when you are admitted or discharged from any of our regional hospitals or emergency departments.

Greater convenience

Patients no longer have to hand-carry lab reports, prescriptions, radiology CDs, and other medical information.

Healthcare providers from a 14-county service area are using Rochester RHIO to improve patient care.

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