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Using the Health Information Exchange

With Rochester RHIO's community health information exchange (HIE), physicians can instantly access patient information —including lab results, radiology reports and images, clinical documents, hospital discharge summaries and admission/discharge notification—from RHIO's 14-county service area, which serves over 1.5 million residents. RHIO also helps physicians who already have an electronic health record (EHR) system for managing patient information and supports EHR adoption throughout the community. RHIO's Regional Account Manager team also supports hospitals and physician practices in their efforts to achieve CMS "Meaningful Use" certification.

For more information on how to join Rochester RHIO, use RHIO services, interoperability opportunities, and more, contact RHIO Support at or call 1-877-865-7446 (RHIO). 

Request Forms, Flyers, Brochures, and More

Contact RHIO to request any of the following materials:

  • Patient Consent Forms 
  • Patient Brochures (English | Spanish | Arabic | Hindu)
  • RHIO flyers
  • RHIO pens, magnets, clipboards, etc.

To order materials, contact RHIO Support at or call 1-877-865-7446 (RHIO).


Rochester RHIO receives public funding from New York State to provide a variety of technology services to its participants as part of the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY). QEs must use these funds to provide a minimum set of services to their members at no charge. QEs are permitted to offer additional services as “value-added” services for which they may collect a fee. The Rochester RHIO Fee Schedule provides a summary of available services for the current year.

New York State QEs are required to provide this disclosure to prospective QE participants, and upon request at any time. More: Rochester RHIO Core Fee Schedule.
If you'd like to know more about the value-added services offered by RHIO, contact RHIO Support at or call 1-877-865-7446 (RHIO).

Data Sources

Where does RHIO get it's data from? What are the data sources for patient information? For a full list of data sources, go to the RHIO Participant Map and select "Participants Sending Data" to view all data contributors. 

Rochester RHIO's exchange contains patient information from major health care organizations, including hospital systems, reference labs, radiology centers, and payers in the Greater Rochester area. Each month, 1.5 million clinical results are added to the exchange. Providers can view, print, or forward clinical information from any participating health organization (below) even if they did not order or get copied on a test or procedure. 


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