Pioneering Legal Framework for Systems Integration

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In addition to actively participating in the Rochester Systems Integration Project, Rochester RHIO has been at the heart of developing a legal framework for addressing privacy and security of the data involved. A pioneering white paper commissioned by the RHIO is believed to be the nation’s most comprehensive analysis of the legal issues and opportunities associated with cross-sector data exchange.

Ultimately, this unique work generates mechanisms for data sharing through systems integration, inclusive of but not limited to health, education and social services. In doing so, it also considers how to encourage stakeholder participation and engender trust.

With its public release, the Cross-Sector Data Exchange: Data Use and Legal Privacy White Paper further cements Rochester and New York State as the unparalleled thought leader in intelligent, forward-looking and legally sound guidance for rich community data collection, analysis and dissemination that ultimately improves residents’ lives.

The paper can be downloaded in its entirety at

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