Taking the Lead in Specially-Protected Data Access

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When federal and state regulatory changes allowed inclusion of specially protected substance use and behavioral health care data (SAMHSA, Part 2) in its health information exchange, Rochester RHIO began a comprehensive campaign to inform patients and providers.

Starting in March 2019, NYS required all regional health organizations that form the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY), including Rochester RHIO, to begin including Part 2 data along with other healthcare records. Responsible, secure sharing and use of this specially-protected health information is a critical step in helping combat the opioid epidemic. RHIO created a toolkit to help providers and authorized users gain a better understanding of secure Part 2 data sharing and how this information should be handled and used appropriately. In addition, RHIO designed and distributed straight-forward patient information to help them understand their rights and how their data would be used.

Continuing to build trust in the community is important to Rochester RHIO. By proactively sharing changes to data usage and responsibility, the RHIO can be an effective partner in health care data management. 

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