Ontario County—Finger Lakes Ambulance

2021 Annual Report: 15 Stories for 15 Years
Finger Lakes Ambulance is one of the key emergency medical services (EMS) providers to contribute patient data to Rochester RHIO, enhancing individualized care and improving social services support in Ontario County.Finger Lakes Ambulance
RHIO connects thousands of medical providers and community based organizations, allowing patient records to be securely and instantaneously viewed whenever and wherever to deliver the best possible care. However, field data originating from EMS calls has traditionally lived outside the system—something the organization and Finger Lakes Ambulance partnered to address.
Many EMS calls to 911 do not result in transportation to a hospital. Situations such as anxiety, falls, first aid, domestic disputes, and other conditions may not lead to someone visiting the emergency department. As a result, pre-hospital treatment data from certain ‘ambulance encounters’ have not been included in patient records. This new information shines a light on opportunities to positively affect care from clinicians, social service organizations, and other clinical care providers who can use it to spot patterns and support better overall health care.
The collaboration with forward-thinking regional EMS like Finger Lakes Ambulance agencies helps to make sure that front line emergency crews can both see patient data and contribute encounter data to the patient record—making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Finger Lakes Ambulance

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