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2021 Annual Report: 15 Stories for 15 Years
“Rochester RHIO benefits are automatic—we don’t even have to think about it,” says Christina Curtin, office manager at Stony Brook Pediatrics. “All of our nurses and staff use it daily. It’s a great asset to us and our patients.”
Stony Brook Pediatrics has Livingston County practices in both Dansville and Geneseo. The two offices use several RHIO services, including Results Delivery. “We see patients who are only days old. For some patients—especially newborns—it’s important to have access to labs, specialist reports or x-rays as soon as possible to create a treatment plan for the best care. We get everything faster because of RHIO,” says Curtin.Stony Brook Pediatrics
RHIO has been Stony Brook’s partner for more than five years and has helped the practice adapt to changes in patient needs with recent events.
“Since the pandemic began, we’ve had a lot of parents who needed to have their child COVID-19 tested before they could be cleared to return to school or daycare,” says Curtin. Many pharmacies and other testing facilities can’t perform a COVID swab test on children under 10, so Stony Brook offered drive through and in-person testing.
“With the many disruptions brought on during the pandemic, it’s important for our families to have the information they need to make plans and act quickly. RHIO makes it possible for us to notify families about positive or negative results as soon as possible.”
Stony Brook also participates in RHIO’s Contribute service, sending essential data through C-CDAs to provide more complete patient health records.
“RHIO is incredibly easy to use and has been an excellent resource as we navigate the needs of patients.”
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