Make Password Security a Priority

May 6, 2021 is World Password Day

Written By: Eric Bielski, Chief Information Security Officer

Password security is an item that everyone likes to laugh about. “Eric, I salted my password. Should I microwave it now?” – “Eric, I wrote my password down in this password logbook, is that ok?” Ha HA! But really, password complexity is becoming second nature for many people, and that’s great.

But just because you have made a complex password does not mean that you can check password security off of your list. If you’re accessing multiple applications or platforms with the same password, you’re putting yourself and the data and system protected by that one password at risk. If that one password is breached, then every system you’ve used it for is susceptible to a dictionary attack – where an attacker uses common or previously breached passwords to attempt to gain access to a system or application.

If you’re like me, then remembering dozens or even hundreds of passwords will seem impossible. Consider a reputable password manager. There are free solutions and paid solutions for this. Skip the password logbook. It is World Password Day! What an excellent day to start practicing better password security!

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