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Once a year, RHIO users are required to “refresh” their annual training due to state requirements. It is important for users to continue to have a keen understanding of consent and how to navigate Explore, DIRECT, and other RHIO services. The Rochester RHIO offers three different training options to help users meet this requirement.

Option 1 Self-Directed: Complete an Online Training Module located under the Training tab inside the Provider Portal. Click “Begin the online training module: ‘Introducing RHIO Explore’”. After you complete the training, you must verify that you have taken the course. Do that by clicking “I attest that I have completed the online training module…”

Option 2 Onsite training: RHIO participants can also complete the training requirements by scheduling onsite training with their Deployment Coordinator. This is a great option if there are several new users who also need to complete the requirement, or if there are questions about the application in general. This training provides users a very personal experience.

Option 3 Webinar Training: RHIO participants can register for a webinar to complete the requirement. Deployment Coordinators lead the Explore webinar trainings and offer a more personal touch to completing the course. They also are available to answer any questions. It’s the best of both worlds with the convenience of completing the training online, but with a more personal touch of a trainer explaining the information. There are three more Explore webinars available in November. Webinars are offered quarterly and the schedule for 2017 will be posted in January.

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