Contribute data to the Rochester RHIO today: 3 reasons why

1. Support urgent treatment for patients Sharing data with the Rochester RHIO supports efforts to deliver the highest quality healthcare for patients. Data sharing builds a more complete medical record for our entire community. More complete data can support urgent treatment for a patient admitted to an emergency department in one of our 14 counties.

2. Improve health care continuity and quality The primary goal of the RHIO is to share patient healthcare information in a secure, electronic environment that improves quality healthcare, increases provider communication, and reduces workflow inefficiencies. Using the RHIO can provide a more complete picture of a patient’s health information at the point of care.

3. Make patient care more efficient Several studies have shown that using the Rochester RHIO reduces duplicate and unnecessary testing. Care efficiency is improved by ensuring that everyone has access to the same patient information. Contact the Rochester RHIO today to find out how you can contribute data to our community health information exchange, and help support our 14-county region by continuing to build a stronger community health record.

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