Solution Spotlight: RHIO Alerts

In today’s world of real-time data, providers and care managers have the opportunity to receive near real-time patient information in order to administer the highest quality of care. With RHIO Alerts, primary care physicians are notified almost immediately when their patients are discharged at any of 18 hospitals or emergency rooms in our region. There are many settings where direct patient care and coordination of care activity benefits from Alert notifications including primary care, home care, and community-based case management.

Kim McQuown, director of care management services at HCR Care Management, says RHIO Alerts allow them to make patient care improvements in real time.

"RHIO Alerts allow us to see where our clients are in real time as they interact with the area hospitals. We are able to intervene, and (we) have been able to actually prevent admissions by assisting to coordinate services for the client in a timely fashion," said McQuown.

“The alerts are working very well for us. The hospital notifications are particularly valuable as they have enabled us to better serve and advocate for the chronically ill population we work with,” said Morgan Jackson, Epilepsy-Pralid. “The members we work with appreciate our prompt response, which has contributed to our ability to more quickly establish relationships with them in the early phases."

To build on the success of the Alerts service, the Rochester RHIO is anticipating the release of a Customized Alerts service later this spring. With Customized Alerts, providers could receive notifications for particular patients, or groups of patients. For example, a doctor could receive Customized Alerts for a disease registry or care initiative cohort. This service will provide users the customization and level of service they need to in order provide the highest quality care for their patients.

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